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Keep Charlotte Beautiful

The outpouring of community and corporate volunteers was phenomenal.  Local media, politicians, students: young and old, arrived at the JCSU campus on a Saturday morning ready to work. Yes, there were a couple of logistic hiccups:  Inaccurate team captain info, shuttle service confusion, improper dissemination of tools. However, the foundation allowed those who were able, experienced, and willing  to lend a hand and assist in those critical areas.  All, including KCB members who participated that day worked hard at making sure this event was a success . 

My entire family participated last year.  They had a ball! Each carried a trash bag, garbage picker and got to work.  I look forward to KCB partnering with the Canty Foundation again.  I'm certain that a KCB and The Chris Canty Foundation partnership will have an impactful influence on the over all recruitment of volunteer efforts as we move towards the beautification of Charlotte

- Vanessa K. Hunt

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