Service Initiatives

The Cleanup For Change

The Cleanup for Change program is one of the Foundation’s largest service projects. Its mission is to provide youth with a platform to serve communities in need of beautification initiatives and to educate youth on the importance of recycling and green communities. In addition, the program reminds participants it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment, and to keep our communities clean. Community pride plays a huge role in community development and the preservation of history.

Why Is The Cleanup For Change So Important?

This program showcases the rewards of teamwork. By inviting volunteers of all ages and from various backgrounds to participate, each volunteer experiences the benefits of working together successfully to accomplish a goal. Youth volunteers learn the value of respect as they work alongside adult volunteers. Each youth participant learns the value of their revitalization efforts as they work along-side adult mentors. In addition to building teamwork, youth develop a positive self-image that builds self-esteem and confidence. Each activity helps to instill a sense of pride, and youth learn that by taking pride in their communities they are also uplifting themselves.

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It was great working with your organization during the West End clean up. My two sons got an opportunity to witness what given back really means. Also, thank you very much for the Bobcats tickets, that was a blessing for me and my family. Greg H., Volunteer

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