Service Initiatives

The Holiday Giveaway

The Chris Canty Foundation continuously implements initiatives that inspire students to achieve academic excellence. We believe offering an innovative, academically rigorous learning community empowers youth to make informed, deliberate decisions so that they may lead socially responsible, productive lives with the knowledge to accomplish any of their goals. The Christmas Giveaway Program was established as an academic achievement incentive program for elementary school students currently in the New York Tri-State area and Charlotte, North Carolina. It also gives the Foundation another opportunity to implement a community service project that provides children who are less fortunate with gifts for the holidays to ensure they experience the joy of Christmas.

Volunteers team up with the Founder, Chris Canty and staff, to remind youth that there is more to the Christmas holidays than receiving gifts. The Foundation takes on the spirit of the season and incorporates the joys of Christmas by emphasizing the importance of giving back. We also host a party for the participants to play games and win prizes.

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It was great working with your organization during the West End clean up. My two sons got an opportunity to witness what given back really means. Also, thank you very much for the Bobcats tickets, that was a blessing for me and my family. Greg H., Volunteer

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